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Top Cop Driving Academy is a family run driver’s education academy that focuses on providing individuals with the skills necessary to drive safely on today’s roads. This academy is facilitated by a retired Louisiana State Trooper and his wife, who is a certified teacher. This course is designed to facilitate classroom interaction between students and the instructor, as well as, teach the necessary information to pass a state-certified driver’s exam.


This academy provides a unique law enforcement perspective that many others may not offer. Students receive firsthand knowledge of not only textbook information, but personal knowledge from a twenty-year law enforcement agent who has worked at nearly every level of law enforcement. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and get a better understanding of driving requirements.


The staff at TOP COP Driving Academy provides the most accurate and realistic information, which will allow all drivers to leave with the confidence, responsible attitude, and basic skills required to safely drive on today’s roadways.

About Us
  • TOP COP Driving Academy was founded in 2015 by Brian and Katrina Ardoin. We are a Christian based family that believes in community education. We also believe that “Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.” If you are going to possess a driver's licenses, you must understand your responsibilities.


  • TOP COP Driving Academy is staffed with certified, highly trained educators and retired law enforcement instructor(s) who have a combined 50 plus years of driving experience. 


  • TOP COP Driving Academy has a vested interest in ensuring drivers are properly trained and that they operate motor vehicles in a safe and effective matter.


  • TOP COP Driving Academy is approved, certified, and licensed by the Department of Public Safety & Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles, and the State of Louisiana.

Contact Us

Contact Information:


Tel: 337-468-2895


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